CERAMITEX incorporates the Polyurethane coating technology and provides a highly durable and attractive range of finishes designed for long-term protection and decoration in the building and civil engineering industries.

CERAMITEX is suitable for both exterior and interior applications. It is a high performance, impervious surface coating system which has outstanding exterior durability and anti-carbonation properties, together with good abrasion and chemical resistance. Its main uses are on building facades, civil engineering projects, vehicular tunnels, hospitals, distilleries, chemical plants, hotels, schools, food factories, office building, shopping centres, etc.


The Texture Coating System consists of FOUR layers, achieving a total thickness of approx. 1-3mm, depending on type of texture:

The Texture Coating System consists of FOUR layers

The Paint Coating System consists of THREE layers, with a total dry film thickness of approx. 120 microns:

The Paint Coating System consists of THREE layers

GLOSS – CERAMITEX can be finished in three standard gloss levels – High Gross, Semi Gross, Low Gloss, High Gloss is recommended for maximum durability and minimum appearances.

COLORS – Most BS 4800 colours are available. Special colours may be matched to customers’ requirement subject to the available of the suitable pigments.

PAINT COATING – A smooth non-textured finish which will basically preserve the surface pattern of the substrate

TEXTURE COATING – Standard texture patterns include Fine Texture; Medium Texture; Rough Texture; Ripple Texture; Semi-Smooth Texture and Rolled Texture.

Fine Texture Medium Texture Rough Texture Ripple Texture Semi-Smooth Texture Rolled Texture

The CERAMITEX Polyurethane Coating System exhibits weathering properties including high gloss retention, outstanding colour stability, very good chalk resistance and abrasion resistance. CERAMITEX also withstands acid rain and tropical weather due to its high resistance to chemical and UV radiation which makes the coating very durable.


CERAMITEX Polyurethane Coating System effectively protects concrete against deterioration caused by carbonation and external moisture penetration. Due to the close and tight structure of the coating, CERAMITEX Polyurethane Coating System, unlike other “breathing” paints, has very high resistance against the diffusion of Carbon Dioxide or other acidic gaseous compounds and to the penetration of moisture from external sources, thus significantly reducing the carbonation of the concrete hereby protecting the steel reinforcement from premature corrosion and extending the life of the concrete.


CERAMITEX Polyurethane Coating system with a high gloss finish requires minimum maintenance. Due to its chemical nature, CERAMITEX is fungistatic and basteriostatics, and does not provide feed-stock for microorganisms. Being impervious and chemical resistant, CERAMITEX is soil-repellent and can withstand the pollutants from industry and traffic, dilute acids and alkalis, salt solution, detergents and some solvents. Stubborn stains or graffiti may be removed with commercial cleaning agents or even suitable solvents without affecting the coating film. When required, water cleaning will normally be sufficient to restore the original fresh appearance.


If the existing coating is still in sound condition, just cleaning is required prior to the applications of the CERAMITEX Polyurethane Coating System. On defective areas the appropriate repair method will have to be worked out according to the actual condition.


Suitable substrates are masonry surfaces including concrete, cement / sand rendering, brick work, asbestos sheet etc., metal, wood, dry-wall and some pained surfaces.

All substrates must be dry, sound and clean; free from formwork release agents, dust, dirt, oils, rust or other contaminants. Substrate surface irregularities such as form-marks, voids, honeycombing, etc., cannot be completely rectified with the application of CERAMITEX Polyurethane Coating System. If a uniform finish is required, surface irregularities must first be rectified with appropriate type of filler / render and / or by mechanical means.

  1. CERAMITEX should not be applied if temperature is below 10℃ or relative humidity exceeds 85%, or when condensation appears on substrate surface.
  2. CERAMITEX should not be applied if rain is imminent.
  3. As with any impervious surface coating system, CERAMITEX has limited water vapour permeability. Any internal water seepage within the substrate must be rectified as this may eventually result in blistering and failure of the coating.
  4. During the wet-paint stage, works generating large amount of fumes – such as extensive welding, asphalt-processing etc. – should not be carried out near the location of CERAMITEX application. The micro fume particles may deposit or be embedded on the wet paint surface, which may result in patchy discoloration of the finish.
  5. Surfaces not to be coated with CERAMITEX should be well protected to minimize cleaning work. The cured and hardened CERAMITEX materials are difficult to be removed.
  6. The working area should be well ventilated, as some CERAMITEX coating materials contain solvents and are inflammable. No naked flame or other sources of ignition should be permitted in the area.

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